Quickloader tie-down straps are amazing

I am a rather harsh critic and I usually have improvement feedback for products, but Quickloader nailed it with these retractable tie-down straps.

Pictured are the smaller Quickloader QL1500 tie-down straps.

No excess strap length to tie off or worry about.

Easier to strap off your substrate or machinery as the strap length auto feeds from the roll as needed.

Solid steel frame with excellent ratcheting mechanism.

A huge bonus in my mind: throw them in a bucket… box… floorboard… truck bed and there is no loose straps to tangle. We all hate having to untangle damn straps when we need them.

Get a pair and see for yourself.

Review by Travis Collins instagram.com/toolsbydesign
Original Post: instagram.com/p/BXdGsRZB66v


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