I recommend the Quickloader for everyone to replace their straps big and small.

The Quickloader is an all in one fix for the many problems you can find with other straps.  They make life so much easier!  It’s already put together (no having to find the other end in a pile of other strap pieces).  They stay coiled and untangled ALL THE TIME.

The ratcheting handles are long and easy to use (no need to man handle it).  Some of them come with a D ring built onto the strap to help out when there isn’t a good tie down point.  There is a sweet little wing nut on the side of the strap to help with backing off the line.  Best of all…they even come in pink!

My Quickloaders come in handy all the time.  I use them to tie down loads to the trailer, and for little things in the back of the truck.  I love that I can store them under my backseat and they are always nice and organized and ready to use.

I recommend the Quickloader for everyone to replace their straps big and small.  They have become my favorite gift item for all my friends this year 😉


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I love these straps so much I ordered four of the 4500lbs straps for use when hauling my rhino.

These straps have a spring loaded barrel which coils the strap and keeps them organized when not in use and is simple to release when needed. Although this is huge this is not the only benefit of the Quickloader, the release handle of the Quickloader is extended up on the grip which makes releasing the load much easier than a conventional strap. I love these straps so much I ordered four of the 4500lbs straps for use when hauling my rhino.

Review by Mud & Guts Offroad Subscribe on YouTube

Quickloader just keeps on winning!

In the words of a wise man “take my money!” The Quickloader self retracting ratchet straps are game changers. 

Review by Scott Montgomery instagram.com/drywallbydesign



Unique Use of Quickloader QL3000 During Hurricane

I have recently used the Quickloader QL 3000P tiedowns to secure my patio furniture, gas grill, and storage bins located on my lanai during Hurricane Irma (September, 2017).

I attached a series of surface mount D-rings to the exterior walls of my house and strapped all of this equipment to the D-rings with a series of the Quickloaders.

The tiedowns were simple to use and I was able to employ as much tension as I thought would be necessary to secure all of my outdoor equipment and accessories.

Despite the strength of the hurricane force winds as wind gusts, none of the Quickloader-secured equipment budged an inch.

Without these tiedowns, I would have had to bring all of that equipment inside my home, not a very desirable solution.

The Quickloader QL 3000P tiedowns have given me great peace of mind that my patio equipment would be safe and sound even while exposed to hurricane force winds during the storm.

Review Submitted by LMS, Florida (by email)

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