Quickloader…They’re like an extra person

Quickloaders have made a few things on a framing site easier and more enjoyable. They’re like an extra person, but this one does exactly what you want and doesn’t make any noise. We use it on site to pull walls plumb, straighten out timber beams when they’re in hard to reach places, pull weight, and of course to strap down tools. They’re a joy to use because of the ease of use. There’s no second guessing whether I should get a strap to do something that takes 5 seconds, because with the quickloaders, that’s how long it takes to put it back away, unlike your traditional ratchet straps. I highly recommend these to anyone regardless of whether you work a trade, they will definitely come in useful and you’ll be glad you have them.

Love these new ratchet straps!

Review by Jordan Pinder instagram.com/jp.contracting.woodworks

I recommend the Quickloader for everyone to replace their straps big and small.

The Quickloader is an all in one fix for the many problems you can find with other straps.  They make life so much easier!  It’s already put together (no having to find the other end in a pile of other strap pieces).  They stay coiled and untangled ALL THE TIME.

The ratcheting handles are long and easy to use (no need to man handle it).  Some of them come with a D ring built onto the strap to help out when there isn’t a good tie down point.  There is a sweet little wing nut on the side of the strap to help with backing off the line.  Best of all…they even come in pink!

My Quickloaders come in handy all the time.  I use them to tie down loads to the trailer, and for little things in the back of the truck.  I love that I can store them under my backseat and they are always nice and organized and ready to use.

I recommend the Quickloader for everyone to replace their straps big and small.  They have become my favorite gift item for all my friends this year 😉


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So simple to use AND I never have to ask for help!

I’m a woman and I am NOT mechanical, even with the simplest of things.  However, I do haul hay, kayaks, etc.  I would always get frustrated with the straps my husband used – either trying to figure out how to thread them, release them, pinching my fingers, or having to roll them up afterwards.

For Christmas, he bought me the Quickloader straps.

So simple to use and I never have to question whether I have my load tied down well enough AND I never have to ask for help! – Cheryl

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Quickloader has been selected by The Grommet

Visit thegrommet.com/quickloader

Order: QL1500 and QL4500 Available on TheGrommet.com


If you’ve ever used a tie down, you probably know that there’s room for improvement with the traditional tool. Quickloader is just that. It’s a ratchet tie down strap that makes moving loads easier and safer thanks to its self-adjusting recoil feature.

When you tighten the straps, the locking mechanism provides an added measure of safety and prevents the webbing from coming loose. The extra-large steel handle gives hands a safer distance from the ratcheting mechanism, and gives you better leverage to crank it. When you’re done, Quickloader retracts the webbing to store neatly—no knots or tangles—for the next job.

– The Grommet


Visit thegrommet.com/quickloader


I love these straps so much I ordered four of the 4500lbs straps for use when hauling my rhino.

These straps have a spring loaded barrel which coils the strap and keeps them organized when not in use and is simple to release when needed. Although this is huge this is not the only benefit of the Quickloader, the release handle of the Quickloader is extended up on the grip which makes releasing the load much easier than a conventional strap. I love these straps so much I ordered four of the 4500lbs straps for use when hauling my rhino.

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