Quickloader just keeps on winning!

In the words of a wise man “take my money!” The Quickloader self retracting ratchet straps are game changers. 

Review by Scott Montgomery instagram.com/drywallbydesign



I can’t say enough good things about the Quickloader.

It saves so much time and aggravation that comes along with properly securing a load on a trailer.

Using Quickloader, we easily save ourselves 15 minutes, and the straps make everything look clean and tidy. You don’t have to worry about flapping ends scratching your paint, or the load coming loose. I have so much confidence using these, for those who find them struggling with rusty, old tie down straps, they will LOVE the Quickloader.

My little brother had never used a tie down strap before, and I wasn’t there to help him. I left him with one of the Quickloaders and he had zero problems, with no guidance necessary. I recommend these to anyone!

Review by Trisha Glezen instagram.com/northern.jeepher
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Quickloader tie-down straps are amazing

I am a rather harsh critic and I usually have improvement feedback for products, but Quickloader nailed it with these retractable tie-down straps.

Pictured are the smaller Quickloader QL1500 tie-down straps.

No excess strap length to tie off or worry about.

Easier to strap off your substrate or machinery as the strap length auto feeds from the roll as needed.

Solid steel frame with excellent ratcheting mechanism.

A huge bonus in my mind: throw them in a bucket… box… floorboard… truck bed and there is no loose straps to tangle. We all hate having to untangle damn straps when we need them.

Get a pair and see for yourself.

Review by Travis Collins instagram.com/toolsbydesign
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Unique Use of Quickloader QL3000 During Hurricane

I have recently used the Quickloader QL 3000P tiedowns to secure my patio furniture, gas grill, and storage bins located on my lanai during Hurricane Irma (September, 2017).

I attached a series of surface mount D-rings to the exterior walls of my house and strapped all of this equipment to the D-rings with a series of the Quickloaders.

The tiedowns were simple to use and I was able to employ as much tension as I thought would be necessary to secure all of my outdoor equipment and accessories.

Despite the strength of the hurricane force winds as wind gusts, none of the Quickloader-secured equipment budged an inch.

Without these tiedowns, I would have had to bring all of that equipment inside my home, not a very desirable solution.

The Quickloader QL 3000P tiedowns have given me great peace of mind that my patio equipment would be safe and sound even while exposed to hurricane force winds during the storm.

Review Submitted by LMS, Florida (by email)

Best ratcheting tie down EVER

Best ratcheting tie down EVER

I have several of these tie downs and they are awesome. They are not all tangled when I get them out of the tool box.  You don’t have to worry about the strap coming out of the ratchet and then trying to thread it back through when fully extending them. No excess to worry with either when you tighten them down. My larger one has a ring on the ends for even more attachment options.  If there is nothing to hook to I can wrap it around and hook it to the ring. They work exactly how they claim to work and do exactly what they say they will do.

Review by instagram.com/6_5nicholas

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